In order to serve you better, under the current difficult circumstances, we are extending our virtual tax filing services to all of our clients.

You will be able to use a safe online portal to upload your documents and we will be happy to review your tax returns and communicate with you via Zoom and email. 

At the moment, we are offering this service to 70% of our existing clients and we will not hesitate to offer it to all personal and corporate clients. 

Keeping in view the circumstances, the CRA will be extending deadlines for income tax filing this year. Personal income taxes can be filed by June 1. Any payments owing to the CRA for the 2019 taxes might be delayed till August 31 without incurring any penalties or interest. Corporations should file 6 months after the end of their fiscal year and again any payments might be deferred till August 31.

Take care and be safe and here is a link to the T1 (Personal Income Tax) checklist.