Syed A. Raza Professional Corporation

Why Choose Syed A. Raza Professional Corp.?

• Licensed Public Accountant
• Over 20 years of Canadian Tax and Audit experience
• Experienced tax specialist
• Specialized in tax savings for professionals
• Always keeping the clients best interest in mind
• Flexibility and availability to render outstanding services
• Special attention to clients issues

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• Special rate for bookkeeping
• Special rate for Medicine Professional Corporation
• Free initial phone consultation

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Maximizing the clients wealth while minimizing their taxes

Syed A. Raza Professional Corporation helps clients from scratch to success

Syed A. Raza Professional Corporation also handles all the complicated paperwork, performs all the crucial accounting operations, simplifies the way you do business and acts as your trusted advisor so that you can ultimately succeed in what you’re doing.

The company offers reliable and affordable accounting services to franchise owners, medical professionals, individuals, partnerships, corporations and not-for-profit organizations