Accountant for Dentists

Dentists dedicate themselves to years of hard work to qualify in their profession and establish a practice. That is why, as a dentist, you deserve the services of a specialist accountant to help manage your financial affairs.

Syed A. Raza as a chartered professional accountant knows dental practice through his past 20 years of Canadian experience and can cater professional accounting and tax services to dentists in the Greater Toronto area that they need the most.

Dentists need an accounting firm that is dedicated to becoming an integral part of dental practice and assisting from scratch to success. Syed Raza, CPA has the expertise that could be helpful to streamline the process of dental clinic operation and increase the profitability of dental practitioners while saving taxes.

The services provided include, but are not limited to the following

Financing from banks
Bookkeeping, Payroll and day to day operation of dental practise
Setting up and incorporating your practice
Tax Planning
Buying a practice
Selling your practice
Preparing financial statements
Filing tax returns
Estate planning
Saving for your child’s education
Saving for retirement

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